Privacy Policy

Collection of Personal Information

When you visit our site, the only personal information we collect is that you provide us. This information will be used for purposes such as communicating with you, giving you detailed information on our services, or providing quotes on our services. The information you share with us will not be shared with another party.

Use of Cookies

Our website may utilize cookies in order to gather information on user behaviour, for statistical analysis later on. These cookies will not be used in any malicious manner.

Links to Other Sites

This website contains links to external web sites. These other websites may or may not employ their own privacy polices. We are not responsible for the content or actions of these other websites.

Examples of Information Collected

Information collected on this website can include email addresses, phone numbers, names, time and date of special events (eg. weddings, corporate parties, etc). The information collected will be stored and used for provided information back to you, and may be analyzed for the purposes of gathering statistics on users visiting this site.